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Bringing the farm home, August 15, 2012

Bringing the farm home, August 15, 2012

Even homemade clouds need a little rain sometimes

FarmerBubbaMUGinfoBy Farmer Bubba Scott

Aloha ya'll.

Hey gardeners and those who eat what we grow. A thought came over me this past week. When ever I was in my truck or leave a bag of feed in the back, it rains. So with this thought in mind, I went in the Farmer Bubba dwelling, put on some sweat pants, two tee shirts, a coat and gloves.

I then proceeded to work in my garden in the middle of the day. I figure this might just bring on the cool days.

Guess what? That didn't work. Not only was Perspiration, which was being generated by the added weight of the heavy cloths, I barely made it back in my house.

But the good news is gardeners, the cool weather is on its way. So hang in there growers and get ready for a great fall.

Last week I talked about my cloud and how it extended the life of my winter lettuce crop. As the cloud was 'showing off' during the hot part of the day, I bring other plants under the cloud that don't do well in the heat. This cloud idea may not look like much, but it sure does the job.

FB15terrariumsRemember terrariums, those little round domes that sit on the table in the corner of your house. How many times did you water the plants under that dish?

BUBBA NOTE: Things don't have to look pretty to work. The cloud was built from the wood of a pole barn I tore down. Every thing I took down, went back up, with the only cost of my labor.

Now that I made my own Cloud, I had another thought. (the thoughts never end when you're have'n fun).

Real clouds produce rain, and I wanted my cloud to produce rain. That's when I saw a plastic water bottle with  water in it that's called condensation. The water bottle was make'n water on it's own from the heat in the bottle.

So I got together a bunch of water filled bottles, screwed on the lids and sat'm in the sun. It didn't take long until I made my own water.

0815FBpeppers1My plan was use my water in a drip system I made for my plants?

But water isn't enough, specially home made water. So before I screwed on the top, I put a little fish emulsion in the bottle first. I poked a small hole in the top on the water bottle and tilted it a bit.

As my bottle now produced fertilized water, it dripped in to the container soil. Allowing liquid refreshment for the plant roots all day long. Is that wild or what? Also the neat thing about this type of watering was, it keeps on make'n it's own water in the condensation process.

Now don't think I have a bunch of plastic water bottles in all my containers. It's just that the idea of generating water could lead to a whole new way of making rain.

Now let me say this about rain. Nothing can replace it. When I told someone about my water process, they told me it wasn't what the plants also needed nutrients. I pointed out how nature's morning 'dew' was the first watering system for plants. And 'dew' didn't have a lot in it.

FB815MonringDEWBUBBA NOTE: Don't water the night before and in the morn'n, see if you notice something on your plants. Here's a clue. It's shinny and looks wet. It's the morning DEW. This mystical, over night keeper of the garden, creeps in when the sun goes down and leaves when the sun comes up. Is that neat or what. 

Another great benefit to this water bottle water idea. Always keep some dish washing liquid soap in the garden shed. Not the antibacterial dish soap. When you get dirty, just open one of the bottles of all natural hot water and wash off. Hey, this can save on the electrical bill. WARNING! Anything labeled antibacterial is not good. Stay with the good ole stuff. These soaps are also a great pesticide for your garden when diluted in water.

BUBBA NOTE: It doesn't cost a lot of money to come up with good ideas. All it takes is a little dream'n, think'n and doin. Oh yeah. And a whole lota failure. I like to think if I've never failed, I've never tried.

So you'll often see Farmer Bubba sit'n on the front row in the class of dreamers Dream'n.

Getting creative in my garden with the things I have available, keeps gardening fun and alive for me. There's never a dull day in Bubbaland.

It's still hot, so be sure to stay hydrated. There's only one of you out there and we need you, and your garden around growing with Farmer Bubba.

Support your local farmer, buy local and be sure get to know who is growing your food.

Aloha from the desk, on Farmer Bubba's Farm.


Do you have a gardening question for Farmer Bubba or a photo of your garden you would like to share?  Email Bubba or add your question in the comment window below, and Bubba will try to reply as quickly as possible. Farmer Bubba is an all natural grower who sells seeds, plants, and produce in various N. Florida locations. Email Farmer Bubba for a location near you and to do whatever it takes to get you get your garden growing.

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