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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Art & About: ART Showcase

Art & About: ART Showcase

Original scripts 'for your eatification'

By Nicole Caldwell, GLOB Art & About Correspondent

This local writing showcase the 2017 Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights’ Showcase is truly a gathering of artists and wordsmiths excited about getting feedback on their writing project babies. In typical Acrosstown Repertory Theater collaboration is the key word at this open house, seven day long writing powwow starting December 7.

Acrosstown Repertory Theatre hosts the 5th annual Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights Showcase. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring playwrights to get a feel for how their play reads on stage. Then they can tweak the script as needed. And for the audience, you get to have a first peek at some creating writing and interesting original plays.

121717HGROWNvertIn addition to getting a sneak peek at some original works of creative writing, audience members also have a chance to impact Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's next season by offering their opinions on the plays.

Michael Presley Bobbitt, Acrosstown Board Member and local playwright says "My mission on the board is to help us produce more local art so as long as it's good, the best play or maybe even the best two plays will have a real shot at getting produced next year."

Last year, Bobbitt's Trailer Park Elegy was the clear winner at the showcase and ended up starting off the 2017-2018 season with a well-received run of shows. Bobbitt plans to win again this year, but with all of this great talent in one place, I think the audience members will be the real winners.

The showcase takes a week and ends on day seven, Sunday, December 17th at 2pm with Cedar Key, written and directed by Michael Presley Bobbitt. The show case of the original scripts is followed by a festival closing soiree after the last play with free wine and Cedar Key Clam Chowder.

How can you get in on this action? You can purchase a ticket for the entire showcase, all 12 shows, for only $15. Or you can purchase a ticket for individual shows at the door for $5 each (the three one-act shows on night one count as one show). FOLLOW THIS LINK for more ART Playwright Showcase information.

The 12 plays are presented over sevendays and two weekends. This year's contributions are:

DAY ONE: Thursday, December 7th is a night of 1-acts, beginning at 7pm:

Witches, written and directed by Sheila Bishop.
• The Good Samaritan written by Peter Marino and directed by Aleksandr Wilde.
Under a Liar's Moon, written and directed by Jane Arrowsmith Edwards.

DAY TWO: Friday, December 8th at 8pm, is

• Boston Baked Bean written by Shamrock McShane and directed by Michael McShane.

DAY THREE: Saturday, December 9th, is Royalty Night:

At 6pm is Sweet Prince, written and directed by Cameron Pfahler.
At 8pm is Princess Revenge written by Chuck Lipsig and directed by Norma Berger..

DAY FOUR: Sunday, December 10th is another double header:

• At 6pm is Light, ritten by Aliza Einhorn and directed by Anne Rupp.
• At 8pm is All's Fair written by Sloane Henry and directed by Jennifer Hutton.

DAY FIVE: The showcase starts back up at 8pm

Trigger Valley Good Time Ranch, written and directed by Robert Hugh Brown.

DAY SIX: Saturday, December 16th, is yet another double header:

At 6pm is Tesseract, written and directed by Kennon Liston.
At 8pm is How to Eat a Dead Cat written by Antoinette Graham and directed by Dan Christophy.

DAY SEVEN; Sunday, December 17, Final show, and reception.

At 2pm Cedar Key, written and directed by Michael Presley Bobbitt.

FOLLOW THIS LINK for more ART Showcase information

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