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'You Have the Right to Remain Dead'

You have a right to find this murderer

By Mike Sanford, GLOB EDITOR

At the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre production of You Have the Right to Remain Dead it's time to put on your sleuthing hat and get up close and personal with this PRETEND acting troupe trying find the REAL murderer responsible for the death of a fellow acting colleague.

What entails is a looking glass maze of perceptions defining what is reality, and what isn't, cleverly disguised as a theatrical troupe or potential murderous assailants, or maybe not...



The tiny ART stage literally over flows with personalities like chess pieces appearing as play characters with a 'WHO-DUN-IT' mission of solving the riddle of who killed Fat Daddy when the lights went out in Georgia, er, ugh, the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre.

"This story of murder, conspiracy, and do-it-yourself sleuthing is set in the deep South and features a lot of the familiar comedic tropes," according to first time ART Director Aleksandr Wilde.



The story takes place like the director was setting up a chess board with a shotgun placement of characters on the stage each with an opportunity to explain their relationship with Fat Daddy / Arnold Turnball (Jeffrey Paul Jurgens in wheelchair) in this actor's troupe of community members. artistic partners, friends.

That's when Officer Bainbridge (Justin Clement) arrives on the scene to move this story into the Drag net, Matclock, or other TV world misfit private detectives. And the ART Team does an excellent job of recreating this television 'WHO-DUN-IT' hi-jinx.


Talking about a chocolate box of potential suspects. Even the theatre technician Trudy Marsh (Nicole Mooradian) spending the entre show in the theatre's rafters seems you have the opportunity to do harm to Fat Daddy.

The ART stage goes black and up pops the plays Narrator / Harnell Chesterton (Zachary Simon) with a cherub like smile alerting the audience: "All is not as it seems ... Don't assume ... don't take anything for granted," Harnell says before disappearing into his own reality preparing the audience for their theatrical fourth wall participation and engage the audiens or thwie 'WHO-DUN-IT' questiosn about the murder of Fat Daddy.



Kudos and much applause to Klete/Ajaz Conroy (Nick Anthony) for keeping the tempo of this theatrical chess game light with a Barney Fife attitude in his bad fitting character persona of town paramour in a Deliverance kind-a-way.

When Officer Bainbridge arrives on the scene to sort things out, everyone becomes a suspect, including the actors performing the play, frazzled director Blanche LaToure (Jordan Corley), nerdy theater tech Trudy Marsh (Nicole Mooradian) and everyone in the audience.

Nice job to Jay S. Koester, D'Arcy Truluck, and Lydia Truluck of the ART design team for trying to out do the number of characters in the play by creating walls, and walls of trinkets, knick knacks, and just plane junk to the set in an effort of blowing all sensory mind outlets with object d' art, names, relationships, and personalities. Phew! What an assortment of . . .

All the character, pretend actors, professional ACTORS did an exemplary job at what mist have been a fun process to get this show on stage.

061819ARTpatcookScreenwriter Pat Cook has concocted his own version of Southern living with a tinge of hot sauce and Fred Eaglesmith asking the question, When exactly did we become white trash?

I'm not sure about your genealogical heritage GLOBer by my suggestion is you take off your shoes, get comfortable and watch out for Klete jumping into your lap for a simple explanation about where you was found 'Dead Right There'.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Special thanks to GAINESVILLE DOWNTOWN for the use of their images. The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN DEAD continues through June 23 with various days and times. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

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